National Sports Organisations

We work in partnership with national sport organisations (NSOs), allocate resources to targeted sports and athlete campaigns, and deliver world-leading support to impact NSO, coach and athlete performance.

Investment categories

We provide investment to targeted sports and also support specific projects with campaign investment.

Targeted sports

Campaign sports

Sports that have received campaign investment include swimming, football (women), hockey (men), cricket, rugby league, bowls, squash, softball (men), surf life saving, canoe slalom, boxing, basketball, judo, Olympic weightlifting, gymsports, and University Games.

National sport organisations undergo an annual performance review process. Investment decisions are based on a four-year Olympic funding cycle with flexibility to make annual adjustments as required. NSOs can apply annually for one or two year campaign investment to support specific campaigns. Investment decisions are typically announced in December each year.

Campaign investment applications

If you would like to apply for campaign investment please refer to the below application and process information

See our High Performance Sport New Zealand Strategy and media release.

Investment breakdown

HPSNZ's investment is used to support elements of a sport's high performance plan as agreed between HPSNZ and the national sport organisation. Elements of those plans may include:

  • coaching
  • international competition (including travel and accommodation)
  • high performance athlete development
  • athlete performance support
  • programme leadership and management.