Our facilities

Our training centres throughout the country have high performance gyms, medicine and rehabilitation centres, and areas for athletes to rest and recover.

Training centres

Access to the following training centres is free to carded athletes from the sports HPSNZ invests in.

HPSNZ also has a network of approved regional training centres where carded athletes can train. Athletes must be on the user list for these facilities and this can be arranged through the lead strength and conditioning trainer for the athlete's sport.

Athletes will no longer be able to access HPSNZ training centres if they have been de-carded or have retired from their sport. Those athletes using HPSNZ regional training centres may continue to do so on a 'user pays' basis and at rates determined by the regional rraining centre.                                     

Strength and conditioning support

HPSNZ strength and conditioning coaches will be onsite at our training centres during operational hours to provide advice and also ensure a safe and effective training environment for the athletes.

Conditions of use of HPSNZ training centres

Carded athletes, other HPSNZ approved athletes and coaches must comply with our conditions of use, and also those of a partner facility where applicable.

Athlete Lounges

Athlete Lounges are areas where athletes can rest, recover, refuel and study in between training sessions.