HPSNZ Workshop Series 2016

The Workshop Series is facilitated each year by the HPSNZ Coaching Team to:

  • Inspire and provoke thinking, action and learning
  • Create opportunities for coaches to learn together
  • To provide the opportunity for coaches to share their knowledge, skills and experience

This year, a number of highly specialist speakers have been invited to share their specialist skills, knowledge and experience with coaches.

The primary audience for the workshop series is carded coaches, although workshops have been opened up to a wider coaching audience.

For further information, please use contacts below:

Tristan Collins – Workshop Content & Speakers
P: 027 669 9992
E: tristan.collins@hpsnz.org.nz

Olivia Corrigan – General Administration and logistics
P: 09 477 5420
E: olivia.corrigan@hpsnz.org.nz 

Workshop Series Dates

Workshop 1: Training for Performance - 3rd in a series of 3
Guest Speaker: Gordon Walker
Auckland, 17 February 2016

Workshop 2: Ready for Rio
Guest Speakers: David Galbraith & Gary Hermanson
Karapiro, 10 March 2016

Workshop 3: Maintaining effective Communication under pressure
Guest Speaker: Brendan Spillane
Auckland: 7 April 2016

Workshop 4: Emotional Intelligence for coaches
Guest Speaker: Sven Hansen
Auckland, 5 May 2016

Workshop 5: Performance Culture
Guest Speaker: John Edwards
Auckland, 16 June 2016

Workshop 6: Dialogue
Guest Speaker: Brendan Spillane
Auckland, 7 July 2016

Workshop 7: Personal Responsibility
Guest Speaker: John Edwards
Auckland, 18 August 2016

Workshop 8: Coaching to maximise learning
Guest Speaker: Richard Smith
Christchurch, 14 September 2016

Workshop 9: Coaching to maximise learning
Guest Speaker: Richard Smith
Auckland, 15 September 2016

Workshop 10: Re-energising
Guest Speaker: Brendan Spillane
Auckland, 18 November 2016

Workshop Guest Speakers

Presenter: Brendan Spillane


Brendan Spillane is an acclaimed educator, speaker and coach. A former school Principal, he is currently Director of his own consultancy practice and is working internationally with a range of corporate and sporting organisations as well as with education providers, systems, professional associations and individual schools and colleges. An engaging speaker and presenter, Brendan uses a powerful blend of story, metaphor and humour to create the conditions for more authentic and insightful dialogue in groups. Brendan is a strong believer in the power of dialogue to generate learning and is an advocate for flatness in organisational structure. He thinks kindness is a core disposition of good leaders.

Workshop Content:

1. Maintaining effective communication under pressure
2. Dialogue
3. Re-energising 

Presenter: Dr John Edwards


Dr John Edwards is Managing Director of Edwards Explorations, an Australian-based company concerned with exploring and developing human potential. He has a long and distinguished career in research on thinking, and has been one of the major research grant recipients in cognitive science in Australia. He has worked in over twenty countries, and is internationally recognised for his research on thinking, leadership, organisational change, and professional growth and learning.

John is one of the few top international researchers to have turned his research into award-winning practice in education, elite sport, business and industry. He is also a personal coach to a number of business, sport and educational leaders around the world.

Workshop Content:

1. Maintaining effective communication under pressure
2. Dialogue
3. Re-energising 

Presenter: Sven Hansen


Dr Sven Hansen is a Director of The Resilience Institute, which he founded in 2002. Its mission is to deliver high-impact, practical, and integrated Resilience training by bringing together evidence from modern preventative medicine, positive psychology, emotional intelligence (EQ), cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and neuroscience.  

Sven is a medical practitioner with an MBA who has specialised in preventative medicine, emotional intelligence, cognitive training and stress mastery. With a background in Special Forces and Sports Medicine, he has run corporate wellness programmes since 1988. Sven leads the development of the thinking and methodology for the Resilience Institute, trains executives and professionals in the application of resilience, and is active in the development of the business into Asia and overseas markets. He has a specific interest in developing leadership teams and the application of biological principles to leadership, strategy and sustainability.

Workshop Content

1. Emotional Intelligence for coaches