Carding is a way of identifying which athletes are eligible for our performance support. HPSNZ and national sport organisations jointly consider and agree cases for carding status.

Athlete carding may be made available to athletes in targeted sports and sports which receive campaign investment from HPSNZ.

National sport organisations propose detailed carding criteria, the number of athlete cards, and processes for assessing eligibility, and then provide a carding list to HPSNZ for endorsement.

The carding criteria and proposed athlete lists provided by national sport organisations must be aligned to HPSNZ’s strategy of supporting athletes tracking towards podium finishes at Olympic Games, gold medals at Paralympic Games, and podium finishes for non-Olympic sports.

Performance support available to carded athletes can include injury and illness prevention and rehabilitation, strength and conditioning, nutrition, athlete life advice, performance and technique analysis, physiology, psychology, and performance planning. 

Each athlete has different combinations of services available, based on the needs of the individual and their sport.  The level of support is determined by the national sport organisation and/or an athlete's individual performance plan and best practice.

Latest list of carded athletes

HPSNZ National Carding LIst (6 Nov 2015) 

HPSNZ Athlete Carding Guidelines

Current Guidelines