Other Athlete Life Programmes

Athlete Life leads or is involved in a number of other programmes for athletes at a range of levels. 


EMPOWER is a structured development programme with a group of medal potential athletes over a 4 month period.  The programme utilises group and individual work to advance an athlete’s learning about the resources and skills needed to increase their chances of stepping on the podium in 2016 and beyond.  The key themes explored are communication, planning, mindset and resilience. 

Three key elements will be applied to ensure athletes successfully work through the programme: the consent and support of the athlete’s coach; integration of the programme with their provider support; and selection of participants based on their willingness to learn and seek improvements in their approach to their preparation and performance.

For more information on the programme can be found on the EMPOWER info page

Pathway to Podium Athlete Life

Pathway to Podium is a nationwide talent development programme that provides support to athletes at a regional level who are not yet carded. 
Athlete Life provides support to athletes in this programme through four workshops over two years.  The first two workshops cover the following.

  • Journey of being a high performance athlete - what is your plan?
  • Team Me - who is in your support team and how do you communicate with them

Read more on our Pathway to Podium section

Athlete Life Matters

Athlete Life Matters is the publication of the Athlete life team. Read inteviews from athletes and stories about what we offer and how we work