Finance and Budgeting

Sticking to a budget regardless of the stage in your sporting career is important. Developing good relationships can help in this area.  It's also important to understand your tax and ACC obligations as an athlete.

Whether you play a team or individual sport, managing your finances is still something you have to do.  Doing this effectively can help lengthen your career as an athlete and maximise your opportunities to perform. Things you may need to consider include the areas below.

Your financial plan

Budgeting and cashflow, planning your financial future and financial responsibilities.

Remember to make sure you include your disposable spending (coffee, takeways, buying a book etc) into your budgeting as this can often be a big expense that gets forgotten.

Athlete and business streams

income and expenses, declaring tax, ACC levies, running your business.


Sponsorship strategies, managing sponsorship relationships, raising your profile, you the brand.

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New tools are added to the website regularly. You can also get resources directly from your Athlete Life Advisor.