Skill Development

Being professional in all aspects of your sporting life help you train more effectively, have good relationships with those you are working with, and allow you to make the most of the opportunities that come your way

Personal leadership skills are the core to being a successful professional athlete and  minimising barriers that might affect performance. Tools are regularly added to the website.

You can also get resources directly from your Athlete Life Advisor. These tools below can help you in developing your skills - it is encouraged that you use these tools in conjunction with your Athlete Life Advisor...

Goal setting

You can't have a sport goal and personal goals and not link them together.  As a high performance athlete your priority is achieving your sporting goals, however it's important that you integrate other areas of your life in your planning and long term thinking. 


Developing a four-year long term plan, 1 year annual plan right down to a weekly planner all helps in your preparation towards success as an athlete

Decision making

Whether it be day to day decisions or big-impact decisions across an are of your life, having good skills and systems to make these decisions give you confidence when things crop up

Time and energy management

How do you manage your time and energy to maximise training and performance?  What things are important to you in your life?  How do you prioritise?

Communication, public speaking and media skills

Most athletes use social media, send emails, or newsletters to their support team.  Or it could be you need to develop your skills in dealing with the media, putting together presentations, or speaking to large group.

HPSNZ Athlete Life Advisor and ex swimmer Anna Simcic has won 3 Commonwealth Games medals (1990 and 1994), one of them gold.  She represented New Zealand at two Olympic Games and gives her thoughts on helping your support team understand you.  Read more here  

 "Time is something we all have the same amount of. You cannot buy more time than someone else, nor can you get back time that has already passed. You can prioritise your time more effectively than someone else to perform better. You are the only one who is accountable for how you spend time."

More tools

New tools are regularly added to the website. You can also get resources directly from your Athlete Life Advisor.


From time to time we interview athletes, or our Advisors write a blog/article with tips and suggestions for our carded athletes...