Athlete Friendly Network for Athletes

The Athlete Friendly Network connects athletes with businesses providing quality services, resources and expertise of use in and out of the sport environment.

Areas of Support

There are four key areas of support available to carded athletes. These relate to areas of support offered by the Athlete Life team of advisors and are intended to improve the resources and opportunities available to carded athletes.


Part-time, casual or flexible full-time employment, work experience, internships, career planning and mentoring.


Expert consultants across a range of athlete focused skills and knowledge, including media, public speaking, and leadership.


Accounting, legal, financial and banking professional services. This includes advice on annual tax returns, or contracts when buying a home or investing.


Discounted and/or free products and general services, from sports clothing and equipment, to athlete websites and bike set-ups.

Accessing the Athlete Friendly Network

The Athlete Friendly Network is accessible to all carded athletes.  Athletes can access some support directly and Athlete Life Advisors will also guide athletes to partners in the Athlete Friendly Network. Our network partners have information about their oganisations and how they are helping athletes in our online partner directory.

Partner Directory

The Athlete Friendly Network partner directory is a searchable database of the businesses, consultants and organisations within the network.

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